Qirqle Membership

Thanks for your interest in joining the Qirqle community! Memberships are available for residents, businesses or organizations.

Please peruse our FAQ:


What's a Qirqle?

Qirqle, pronounced “Quirkle” or “Kerkle”, comes from “Circle” but spelled with Q’s instead of C’s. Our relationships are the “quirky circles” of people in our lives, and many of those circles exist within our local community.  Qirqle’s purpose is to use the Web to enhance our relationships within and to our community rather than pulling us away from it.

Who can become a member?

Personal Membership is currently open to any individual 18 and over who is residing in (not just visiting) the United States. You must be a resident of the address you use in your member signup. We may open Qirqle up to minors at some point, and we invite feedback or suggestions in relation to that.

Business and Organization Membership is open to any US business or organization registered with the IRS and with a place of business/public access located at the address you use in your member signup. Please see the Business/Organization tab for more information.

Qirqle takes steps to verify the validity of the location you register.

If you have any questions about whether membership is appropriate for you, please feel free to contact us.

The Rules

It is our wholehearted intent to create a safe, open and fun environment for everyone. Let’s make our part of the world a better place.

Abusive Behavior

By agreeing to become a member, you are agreeing to treat others with respect and “keep it civil”. Qirqle is not a place to act out, to get attention by being abusive, or to get your anger out. Abuse of any kind, including “flaming” or raging, insulting, discrimination, sharing privileged information, objectifying, stalking, engaging in unwanted contact, or any behavior intended to upset, threaten, intimidate, or to treat another person as inferior is not tolerated. Anyone who breaks this agreement will be warned and/or removed from membership at our discretion.

At the same time, a community works best if we exercise tolerance and patience. Too often nowadays, people cry foul concerning someone else’s actions based on their own view of what’s acceptable behavior or because they have an overly aggressive view of what’s appropriate. You can help make Qirqle and your community a better, happier place to live by taking a breath and letting it go if someone says or does something that causes you to react, but that in fact wasn’t intended to be hurtful or was said in a moment of passion. If you’d like to talk about whether someone’s actions are “over the top”, feel free to contact Qirqle management on chat.

If you feel that you or anyone else is the subject of abuse, you are strongly encouraged to contact the Qirqle management on chat. 


By solicitation, we mean approaching someone with the intent of selling them something, signing them up for something, or getting them to commit to something especially if they are based on your own needs or values.

Qirqle is not the place to solicit people for your business, organization, group, religion, political agenda, cult, movement, etc.

If you feel you are being solicited, please contact the Qirqle management on chat.

Info about Business or Organization Memberships

Personal Memberships are meant for individuals who want to engage socially with other members of the community. That can include setting up a group for your particular interest such as clubs, organizations or interest groups not registered with the IRS.

Business/Organization memberships are for those who are registered with the IRS as a business or non-profit organization. Businesses and organizations cannot create groups or forums without approval from the Qirqle management.

“I own or represent a business or organization, but also want a local membership. Can I / should I sign up for both under one account?”

It’s fine with us if you would like to have a dual membership. Send us (Qirqle) a request on chat or private message us on our profile with a description of your business or organization once you’ve signed up and we can add a business membership to your profile.

Alternately, you can sign up for two separate accounts as long as you have different emails (or at least an email and an email forward) for each.

Here are some guidelines for your decision:

  • If you have a dual membership, remember that you will be “on call” whenever you are online. Also, you will be exposing more of your personal life to the public, which you may see as good or bad.
  • If you have several people who represent your business or organization and you want to be available often, it’s better to have a separate business or organization account so everyone can take turns interacting with the public. Like a storefront.
  • If you have two accounts, you can’t be logged into both accounts on the same browser or app so you might miss a contact…but you can always have one account open in a browser (computer or phone/tablet) and another open in an app (phone or tablet), or install a second browser (Chrome or Firefox).

By signing up for membership, you agree to follow our rules of conducts, described above, and you understand that your membership may be revoked at any time at our discretion.

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