You can create your own blog!

  • Each member can have their own blog. You can create links and format your text just the way you want it with bold, italics, and text color. Left, right and center align text, create divider lines, undo and redo changes, set up lists with bullets or numbers, create block quotes and indents, insert special characters, clear formatting from text you paste…just as you would in a word processor.

    Blogs can be private, only visible from your portal, or in the public blog list as well.

    Set the category or categories of your blog post. Cover local news or reviews, post interviews with locals, express your opinion, share your fiction or non-fiction writing.

    Emily Rausch by Angela SterlingYou can also place images by hovering over any image on a web page (that is not protected – all images on Qirqle are protected so that they can’t be easily copied or shown on another site) and right-clicking, then select Copy Image Address, then put your cursor where you want the image and right-click and select Paste. Once it’s pasted, click on the image and you’ll see icons for left align, center, right align, and full along with a pencil edit icon for editing the link, description dimensions and constrain proportions (changing one dimension changes the other to keep the image from getting squashed) and an X for deleting the image. You can also resize the image using the boxes at each corner, or drag and drop the image wherever you want it (you’ll see the cursor moving underneath a ghost of the image, move the cursor to where you want the image to be anchored).

    Also embed links from tons of different sources in your blog simply by copying and pasting the link including:

    • Google: Google Maps, Docs, Forms, Sheets, Drawings, and Slides.
    • Facebook: Facebook posts and videos
    • Videos: YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, Twitch, Animoto, Bambuser, College Humor, Coub, Crowd Ranking, Cloudup, Daily Motion, Dotsub, Funny or Die, Hulu, Kickstarter, NFB, RuTube, Sapo Videos, TED, Ustream, Viddler, VideoJug, and Videopress.
    • Audio: Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Shoudio, HuffDuffer, Chirbit, Clyp, and ReverbNation.
    • Images: Flickr, Instagram, Imgur, Giphy, and Deviantart.
    • Charts & Diagrams: AmCharts, Cacoo, Chartblocks, CircuitLab, and Infogram
    • Other Sites: Reddit, 23hq, Daily Mile, GettyImages, Github, Issuu, Meeetup, MobyPicture, PhotoBucket, PollDaddy, Portfolium, ReleaseWire, Scribd, ShortNote, Sketchfab, SlideShare, SmugMug, and SpeakerDeck





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