Welcome to the Qirqle live beta. Feel free to check the site out, there’s very little content so far but you can see what kind of content our members can share. Please let us know if you find issues or have ideas for how Qirqle can be improved.

Qirqle is a website and iOS and Android apps initially serving the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. Over time it will naturally expand to other communities but it will still be focused on your community wherever you live. The mission of Qirqle is to “connect community” – to use the Web to enhance our community rather than distract away from it.

Our community is full of amazing but mostly hidden jewels including people, organizations, places, opportunities, creations, and events. Qirqle was created to bring all of this into the light by facilitating connections and communication between residents, creators, organizations, businesses and groups.


For visitors, Qirqle provides comprehensive listings of area events, places, businesses and organizations along with access to the creative output of residents (blogs, art, discussions, etc).

For residents, Qirqle is a place for information provided by the community on what’s going on, what’s available, and what’s being said in your neighborhood, your town, and the Valley. It’s a place to express yourself and your creativity, to connect and interact with fellow residents, and to build community.

For creators, Qirqle is a way to share your creations through uploaded images, audio and video, through discussions individually or in groups, by selling them in our creators marketplace, and by posting your events.

For local businesses, Qirqle makes you visible and offers an easy way to engage with your customers and clients as well as to interact with other business owners – get ideas, get support, get organized. If you are or would like to be an “online business”, Qirqle can be a way for customers and potential customers to interact with you in real time.

For local organizations, Qirqle can deliver your message to your community and help you connect with the people you serve, as well as other organizations and services for collaboration, support and outreach.

Members can:

  • View, post and review events, favorite places, classifieds, job listings, images, documents, favorites, and forums.
  • Chat (text, audio, video) with other individuals and groups including send files, work on a shared document, share a whiteboard, share your screen, and send a voice note. Our iOS and Android apps let you take this functionality with you.
  • Make friends, date, join and create groups, show off your creations, collaborate on projects, create an online component of whatever’s important in your life that you’d like to share.

All of this and no ads, and no selling or sharing your data. Period. Qirqle is your local online community.

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  • What’s a Qirqle?

    Qirqle is a new social media platform for the Pioneer Valley. We are excited that after twenty years of study and five years of development, we are in open beta (working but still ironing out issues) for a community platform designed to enhance our connections to each other and to our community. What Read more [...]

  • You can create your own blog!

    Each member can have their own blog. You can create links and format your text just the way you want it with bold, italics, and text color. Left, right and center align text, create divider lines, undo and redo changes, set up lists with bullets or numbers, create block quotes and indents, insert spe Read more [...]


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